Monday, June 4, 2012

Today's high five, or maybe not?

-Tailwind making 16-17 mph!
-Lewis & Clark State Park area was still closed because of the damage by the big flow last year, only one more hour to go..
-An open winery close to the road handpicked a wine to match our Tuna Subway sandwich :) nice!
-Survived an old narrow iron bridge across the Missouri river, just a few drivers was pissed because of two slow stupid bikers..Hmmm
-Weather forecast for tomorrow says headwind :(
-Big shoulders on most of the roads!
-Sunday, allmost no traffic!
-Low on whisky(or more correct Bourbon whiskey) There is no single malt at the gas stations around here :(
-My spinal cord made a double knot this morning when adding Sunscreen lotion to my legs (with only one hand) Hopefully it's only a small remainder to do my exercise!
-Made my rear lights working. It was one of the "smart" tail lights that would only flash when it was total darkness. Not very useful to me so a piece of foil around the sensor made it behave as it should. Nothing powered by AAA batteries should have their own brain!!!
-We have been in Paradise!!! It's a very small town near Kansas city (in Clay County, MO) approx. 2-300 citizens, so were did all the rest go????

-Have a nice day! :D

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